10 favourite things . . .


Instagram is a app on ipods, ipads and iphones. It is a social app to share photos and see what people are up to. You can chat to people by sending comments. On instagram you have to have a account to be able to get on instagram.

Dork Diaries:

Dork Diaries is my favourite book it is a dramatic and funny book. The main character is Nikki Maxwell, she is awkward and wierd at times but other than that she is AWESOME!!! I would rate it 9 and a half out of ten


Surfing is my favourite sport it is a opportunity to really live life. I love the feeling of the water splashing at my face when I rip along the wave. Surfing is like winning a million dollors once you’ve got it you cant get rit of it. you feel free when you are in the ocean.


Netball is another favourite sport it is more of a active sport because you have to run around the court the whole time trying to defend the opposition team. I Love netball because It helps me with my shooting, my passing and my defence.

Bring it on:

Bring it on is my favourite movie there is about 5 different bring it on movies but they are the BEST!!! They are about cheerleading. My favourite Bring it on is Bring it on in it to win it.


Fiji sheraton villa resort is my favourite holiday. If walked out the back door of our room there would be two desent sized pools. We got a big buffee breakfast with a pool out the front  so when we finished brekkie we went for a swim.


Orange is my favourite colour it is a nice bright glowing colour. Orange is the colour of an orange and a manderin which makes a bit of taste in the colour.

Strawberry yoghurt:

strawberry yoghurt is my favourite food it has FAB taste in it to make it delishous. I love the brand Thick and creamy because it makes the yoghurt thick and creamy. YUM!!!!!!!

The Block:

The Block is my favourite T.V show at the moment. I have been really digging the reality shows lately I don’t know what it is about it but I just can’t stop watching them. Eg: The Block, Celebrity Apprentice and Big Brother but that isn’t on at the moment. The Block is a renovating show each week the judges will be judging the rooms giving the couples a score out of 10. The couple with the highest score will win cash and the couple with the lowest score will be named CHUMPS!

Moshi monsters:

Moshi monsters is my favourite computer game. It is a online game where you adopt a monster and gain coins to buy food, clothes and furniture. You can get moshlIngs by playing missions and planting seeds.


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