Challenge 2 – Student Blogging Challenge – Singer or Band

We jumped in the taxi, here we are for the  first time we look to our right and we see the Statue of Liberty. This all sounds so crazy, everybody seems so famous, our tommies are turning and we’re feeling kind of home sick, too much pressure and we’re nervous.” We are about to be on international T.V for the music awards for the first time ever.”Shouted Perrie “We should be excited” “Its not that we’re not excited it is just that we are nervous because its our first time.” Replied Jade. We knew everything was going to be ok. As we arrived it was like a land for singers it was AWESOME!!! Name by name was called out but we were never, so we started getting off our seats to leave and all of a sudden the host said ” The best band over all is LITTLE MIX” We screamed our butts off, it was the best moment of my life. Some people didn’t know whether we were crying or laughing but we were crying with joy.

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