Rachel Renee Russel is a lawyer who prefers to write childrens books because she believes you cant go to court in pyjamas and slippers.

she was born in Saint Joseph, December 11, 1945. She grew up with two younger sisters and younger twin brothers. The first book she wrote was in 6th grade which was a present to her younger brothers. Dork diaries books are based on Rachels experience in middle school.

Now at the age of 68 she has two daughters named Erin (who helps with writing) and Nikki (who helps with illustrations) . Dork diaries main character Nikki Maxwell was named after her daughter.

Today in the U.S dork diaries has sold over 10 million copies. Rachels hobbies are planting purple flowers and making useless craft.

Dork diaries is an international best seller!