100 word challenge



It was Saturday morning, the most exciting day of my life, I was about to enter the biggest surf comp I have ever been in. When we were ready we jumped into the car and started heading off to the Gold Coast. On the way it was soooo boring there was  nothing to do or play. The car stopped suddenly, mum looked at the fuel indicator and realized the petrol and gas had both run out, so she quickly got her mobile out and dialled the number of the RACV company. They came right away and took us to the comp.


3 Course meal


Entrée: Garlic Bread

Packet of garlic bread – $2.15

Main: Spaghetti Bolognaise

Pasta 750g – $2.99

Bottle of pasta sauce – $2.60

Mince 500g – $5.50

Parmesan cheese – $3.55

Dessert: Summer Smoothie:

Watermelon – $1.48

Mango – $2.68

Strawberries – $3.98

Bananas – $0.63c



student blogging challenge

Ellen Degeneres-Why did make your own show?

Bethany Hamilton -How did you feel about loosing your arm?

Diana Agron-How did you feel about getting into glee?

Lucy Hale-How many movies have you been on?

The Kardashians– What makes you so famous?

Kelly Slater-When are you thinking of retirement?

Emma Watson-How excited were you when you found out you got the part for one of the main characters in Harry Potter?

Micheal Jackson-What was your first recorded song?

Usain bolt-Have you ever lost a race?

Lady Gaga-What inspired you to dress like you do?