Bike licenses

Should we have bike licenses?


there was about 118 people killed last year, 13 kids and 105 adults. There was 19,091 in total. Either slightly injured, seriously injured or killed, in road bike accidents. 

it all started back in February. Late one morning in Sydney, a 24 year old crashed with a Mitsubishi ute. Then a week later another death, then another. After all of that about 9 days later there was another one but this was an accomplished cyclist, who was in the middle o f a fundraiser trying to raise 100,000 for the homeless and abused children. Then died from a car crash and was a father of two. 



Some people can’t even afford a car so they ride their bike everywhere, because of this people will have to pay and go through a test. Less people will ride their bikes because of prices and fees ,so really they are only trying to get more money for the government we should be trying to get people to ride their bikes not stop them from doing it! This will also keep people healthy and fit ! It could also stop kids from riding to school.   

One thought on “Bike licenses

  1. This is very interesting daisy.
    What do you think should happen I sort of agree that some family’s don’t have enough money for cars so they ride bikes. but then it can lead to a accident. You did a great job and it looks like you learnt a lot where have the most people been injured.

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