My good fit book:

I am reading a book called dark diaries pops tar were there is a girl named Nicki and there is a telnet show coming up at her school and Nicki has been ditched by her 2 best friends Chloe  And Zoey. For her enemy Mackenzie . Chloe and Zoey are the best dancers in school so Mackenzie  wants them in her team to win so she can get the prize. But that’s what Chloe and Zoey don’t know!!

I would recommend this book to girls aged 9-12 because I think this book is great for girls to think about how to act towards things and what to do when everything going wrong!!



I find this book really interesting because its different to other picture books. Its different because it involves the readers instead of just one person reading. It also repeats certain things so that little kids can join in knowing what to say. Its also got interesting pictures that keep you interested and helps you to follow the story line.

My favourite part of the story is the poems, so that you can join in. I also like the pictures because they keep it interesting. The pictures are different from other books because it is a different style. How the illustrator does it is a simple outline and then uses real materials to colour it in.  Like for the dirty dinosaur they do a simple drawing and then colours it in with real dirt. I recommend this for ages 3-7.

100 word challenge

Tim Bate comes around the corner winning this formula one by miles. Luke Magar catches up tagging along at the back of Tim Gates car. As this amazing Formula race happens right here in Melbourne I believe there was a tragedy Tim Bates legend of all races has unfortunately been left and loved and travelled in to heaven in everyones hearts. This crash left Luke Magar with brain damage. This exciting event has turned into a sad love lost event where everyone poors down in tears. Lauren Bate the sister of Tim is so devasted. Tim Bate is left in our hearts.