Rachel Renee Russel is a lawyer who prefers to write childrens books because she believes you cant go to court in pyjamas and slippers.

she was born in Saint Joseph, December 11, 1945. She grew up with two younger sisters and younger twin brothers. The first book she wrote was in 6th grade which was a present to her younger brothers. Dork diaries books are based on Rachels experience in middle school.

Now at the age of 68 she has two daughters named Erin (who helps with writing) and Nikki (who helps with illustrations) . Dork diaries main character Nikki Maxwell was named after her daughter.

Today in the U.S dork diaries has sold over 10 million copies. Rachels hobbies are planting purple flowers and making useless craft.

Dork diaries is an international best seller!


Angela, Jessica and I chose to do our workshop on percentages in a catalogue. We each did 1 ladies summer dress, 1 winter ladies dress, 1 kids summer dress 1 kids winter dress, shoes and necklaces. We did things like 20%, 15%, 25% and lots more. Here is an example:

Ladies Prom Dress $90


25% off = $67.50c

50% of 90 = $451/2 of 45 = $22.50c = 25%

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As the whistle blew

The game started.

The ball was being passed back and forth.

Fouls were being called.

Goals were being shot.

With the scoreboard going wild.

8 minutes on the clock with the score tied,

As the whistle blew.


After the storm

The sun rose.

The warmth spread,

and I yawned my way out of bed to the sound of water dripping off the leaves.

Water flowed down the gutter of the road.

The flowers opened their petals to the sun while the grass dried,

after the storm.


As the night falls,

The sun sets.

The moon lights up.

The stars shine.

While the sky dims its light,

As the night falls.


Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker was born in Croydon, England 1950. She is an Author/Illustrator and a short film maker. Jeannie went to art collageat Brighton Polytechnic, Croydon. She is known for a elabrate collages. Jeannie Baker emigrated to Australia in 1975 and became a childrens writer. Her collages are known as works of art. Jeannie Baker lived with her devoted partner, architect David Blackwell, until his death in 2012.

I like Jeannie Bakers books because they are unique and special in their own way and always have a message behind them.

100 word challenge



It was Saturday morning, the most exciting day of my life, I was about to enter the biggest surf comp I have ever been in. When we were ready we jumped into the car and started heading off to the Gold Coast. On the way it was soooo boring there was  nothing to do or play. The car stopped suddenly, mum looked at the fuel indicator and realized the petrol and gas had both run out, so she quickly got her mobile out and dialled the number of the RACV company. They came right away and took us to the comp.


3 Course meal


Entrée: Garlic Bread

Packet of garlic bread – $2.15

Main: Spaghetti Bolognaise

Pasta 750g – $2.99

Bottle of pasta sauce – $2.60

Mince 500g – $5.50

Parmesan cheese – $3.55

Dessert: Summer Smoothie:

Watermelon – $1.48

Mango – $2.68

Strawberries – $3.98

Bananas – $0.63c