In my group I was with Charlotte, Zoe and Ruby and our reports were on current issues, sport, celebrity gossip and weather.

I think we could’ve spoken louder because it wasn’t that loud. I think overall though we did really well and had lots of great information.

i think we used our time really well and got it all done on time. And our group worked really well. I was really proud of our work and we got alot done.

I walk into the room as a massive cream cake was coming my way. I had no idea why there was a food fight going on but it looked fun so I joined in. I grabbed my jelly and threw it right at Daisys new 1 million dollar dress. Daisy screams in horror but this was too fun to care. My next target is Ella, I grabbed another cream cake, put a rotten egg on it and cannonballed it at her. There was food everywhere, eggs, pies, chips and even hommus dip. This was such a confusing day, but also very amazing. Although I was covered in food, I didn’t care because so far it’s the best school day ever.

Beetroot juice stained all over Rubys Coco Chanel handbag as Ella rushed over to Ruby to make sure she was ok. Ruby started bursting into tears, while Daisy was standing there cracking up.

Wow that was so hot. I can’t believe Daisy just hit me with a big juicy hot pie. Ruby runs over to Daisy and splats a really big hot bowl of pasta onto Daisys forehead. Ruby turns and runs away before Daisy could get her back. All you could see was food being thrown across the room and being splatted on the ground.

text to text

~ heal the world ~


~ Ziba came on a boat ~

Both of these texts are talking about trying to give freedom to kids that aren’t living their lives the way they could be in another country or even just by helping other countries with what they need food, water, protection, etc. They are both trying to get through tough times. They to explain that we need to try and make this world a better place for everyone. The texts aren’t that similar because ones about refugees and ones about making this world a better place. They do link in a way though because they are both trying to find freedom.

text to world

~ heal the world ~

Heal the world really connects to the world because the things are happening all over the world. Kids have bad food, water, protection, etc. Kids all over the world want to live a better life and have more freedom. KIds want to be able to do something that they want not having to move away because of war coming to their homes. They want to go somewhere where they can go to school with a good education. People all over the world are raising funds to help these kids and adults live a better life.

Text to self

~ heal the world ~

This texts makes me feel sad and happy at the same time.

Sad: This text makes me feel sad to think the people in this world aren’t living to their ability. I want to see kids happy and loving where they live. This is about making this world a better place and we all need to help to do that.

Happy: This make me happy because all these people around the world may not have as much as we do, but they are still just as happy as we are. We need to make a difference so donate your change!





He was born in a small town called Wangaratta further north of Victoria. He was born in the wangaratta hospital on the 21st of July in 1970 at 8 pounds 7.

He lived in wangaratta until he was three and then he moved to Torquay. He went to the Torquay kinder and then went to school at Torquay primary. For high school he went to geelong technical school.

He left school in year 10 and became an apprentice plumber for torquay plumbing for four years. After finishing his four year apprenticship he started his own plumbing buisness called Jan Juc plumbing and continued for fifteen years.

He decided to become an electrician and did an apprenticship for four years. After completing his apprenticship he started designing a pair of work pants with built in flexible knee pad for tradesman.

Now he is happily married with five kids aged 14,13,11,9 and 2.






The mud was like stepping into a chocolate pudding. Koala poo came from the sky like hail when it rains. Smoke was like clouds fluffing through the air. Finally it was night and it was as cold as a freezer. The dog barked through the night as loud as a footy siren.


We got handed socks that looks like a rainbow. The foam pit was like jumping into Marshmallows. Flipping through the sky made mE feel like i was on a roller coaster. Flying through the like a bird. The water fountain squirted in my face like diving into a pool.


the slippery floors makes me feel like a ballerina. some of the dresses were as bright as the sun. Nail polish smells as good as the food. The crowd is as loud as playtime at school. The juice come through the straw and cools myself down.


“WHO ARE YOU?” Jessie yelled as a stranger walked through the front door. “MUM do you know who this guy is.” “What guy.” Her mum said with a confused look on her face. As her mum walked down the hall way still trying to think who the guy is, he disappeared. Jessie didn’t know where he had gone, but when her mum left the room he came back “Mum he came back.” She said “forget about it.” She asked her mum if she could have something to eat “We are about to have lunch.” But she was getting a cookie anyway but when she lifted the lid she heard “QUICK DUCK” But it was too late.




Learning objective: We are learning to identify what a good sizzling start has to include in a persuasive texts.

Success criteria: We will be successful when we have identified what a good sizzling start has to include in a persuasive.


Boring start: One day there was a 16 year old girl who lived on a farm she had six horses three cows and one sheep she loves riding her horses.

Exciting start: “Lisa wake up, it’s time to go milk the cows.” “Coming dad” As she thumped down the stairs


Boring start: I believe cats are better than dogs

Good start: That smell of their breath is killing me I don’t understand how people can live with these disgusting animals.



I did red spice which you had to compare and summarise two stories plus the genisis. I did the genisis, birth in the dawn and Phan-ku. The genisis story reminds me of a step by step instruction. Phan ku comes froM a myth creator Xu Zheng.

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