I am doing saint Isabelle of france.
Her feast day is the 26th of February.
She lived from 1225- 1270 which means she died as a 45 year old.
She refused to marry Conrad which her parents chose for her, stories say that god punished her with long sickness.
She changed the rule by refusing to become a nun when every women was supposed to at that time.
St. Isabelle is a patron saint of the sick and poor.
•She founded the Covenant of the Humility of the Blessed Virgin.
•Isabella helped the sick and poor by building charities.
•She had a powerful family, so she had the power to do what was right for everyone.
Isabella was the sister of King Saint Loius IX of France. Her mother, the saintly Queen Blance, bore this child special affection because, after the death of her husband, Isabella was the only daughter still living.
Isabelles father died when she was 2 years old. She studied Latin and became an expert in the language. As a child Isabelle was already devoted to religion

I chose St. Isabelle because she is a patron of sick and poor which changes peoples lives.

fruits and gifts I think my saint shows:
Right judgement Goodness
Kindness Charity

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